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Hyperverse Hyperhack Hackathon 2021

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Solomon Foskaay
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This hackathon is organised by Decentology and you stand the chance to grab rewards for your contribution to the Hyperverse.


Hackathon Name:

Hyperhack 1


Hackathon Creator:



Start Date:

8th November, 2021


End Date:

8th December, 2021

(Winners to be announced Mid December 2021)



$250 - $5,000 in USDC + Decentology Swag


Total Prize Pool:




(1) Thinker - Think what can be build with hyperverse, post on platforms like Youtube, tiktok, blog and more


(2) Scholar - Learn how Hyperverse Works and show your knowledge of it buy creating educational contents to guide others on how to build on and with the hyperverse


(3) Tinker - Learn how hyperverse works and then build usable dApp with it with summary explanation of you use the Hyperverse to achieve the dApp



How To Apply:

Checkout the official Decentology Hyperverse Hyperhack page  and documentation at  




As a way to help this community of developers succeed, have put together the following courses to help get started because your winning is my pride.


(1) Hyperverse 101 course


(2) Hyperverse 201 Course



Am available to support you if you are part of this community to participate and be among winners - And its free to join as a developer/programmer.

Solomon Foskaay
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@joshua  and other community members here.

You guys should check this hackathon out and let me know where you need help.


Your winning is my pride

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@foskaay thank you very much sir