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[Solved] What Is HTML Paragraph "p" Element?

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i. Watch the above lesson video and also read through the recommended resources. Then, answer         following questions

ii. What Is HTML Paragraph "p" Element?

iii. How To Write "Paragraph" Element with "p Tag" in HTML?

iv. Summarize in your own word in this forum below:
(NOTE: please, don't just copy paste from other students - instead answer in your own word base on your level of understanding the lesson and resources)






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2 Answers
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What Is HTML p Element Explained:

- HTML p Element is used to create and group contents in to Paragraph in an HTML document.

- it is placed inside HTML body element

- It has both opening and closing HTML tags

- It is a Block Element

- How To Write "Paragraph" Element with "p Tag" in HTML Explained:

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  1. Html paragraphs are simply html elements which are used to group contents of an html page(e.g text). They are block-level elements and they start on a new line
       <--! starts on a new line -->
       <p> I love dprogramming University</p>