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[Solved] How To Create A Lock On Unlock Protocol?

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i. Watch the above lesson video and also read through the recommended resources. Then, answer the following questions

ii. How To Create A Lock On Unlock Protocol?

iii. What Challenges Did You Face Creating Your First Lock-On Unlock Protocol?

iv. Summarize in your own word in this forum below:
(NOTE: please, don't just copy-paste from other students - instead answer in your own word based on your level of understanding the lesson and resources)



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How To Create A Lock on Unlock Protocol Step By Step

 When creating a lock, the creator can select the following attributes:

i. The name of the lock (easier to identify it than its Ethereum address)

ii. The duration of each key (how long they are valid for)

iii. The price consumers need to pay to get a key, including its currency

iv. How many keys at most can be sold


Challenge: how do i get the test net matic as i couldn't make any transaction with my account

Solomon Foskaay Solomon Foskaay 25/02/2022 2:12 pm

@joshua You can get test Matic on matic faucet but Unlock does not presently work on Polygon (MATIC) testnet. 

Thus, use Ethereum testnet instead


open the dashboard and click create lock after which you set the name, expiration days key quantity and price then submit