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In this 100% FREE Web3 GameFi Development 101 Course, You will learn How To Make NoCode Platformer NFT Game With Unity.

With easy-to-consume bit-by-bit video lessons of about 3Hours+ of Engaging and Interactive Video Course Content, You will also discover and learn about how Unity Game Engine makes it easier to make a game without coding.

This is the first of the GameFi courses series

Yeah, you will get a full intro to the basics of Web3 Game/GameFi and a lot more!


Free certification after completion


You will learn about:

  • Over 20 lectures and 3hours+ of content!
  • Learn about GameFi/Blockchain Game
  • Learn about Game Development without Coding using Visual Scripting
  • Information-packed practical training from basics to advanced game techniques.
  • Best suitable for beginners.
  • Learn About Unity Game Engine & Its No Code Visual Scripting tool
  • Learn How To Plan a Game Development
  • Learn about Sprite, Sprite Sheet and more
  • Learn to create game mechanics, animation, GUI, player movement, enemy, game levels and more without coding in Unity
  • Practical assignments at the end of every session.
  • A practical learning experience with live project work and examples.
  • and a lot moreā€¦.


Create a Platformer Game without coding using Unity Game Engine

Course Content