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This curriculum is carefully crafted to help even non-coders begin their journey from beginner to Pro-web3 developer enhanced with Web3 development-friendly AI tools in 100 days (free web3 BootCamp).

It gives an overview and guide to make your learning orderly through the 100 Days Web3 Developers Bootcamp.

Which Course To Take First:

Feel free to enrol and take the courses in any order. However, if you are a beginner, stick to the curriculum order for the best experience throughout the Bootcamp.

However, I highly recommend that in whatever order you choose to take the courses, ensure the dPU Superteam earn course is your first course. This will open your eyes to Web3 earning opportunities that can energies and encourage you to go through the web3 development courses because you now have a clearer understanding of how to earn with the web3 development skill after you acquire it via the other courses.

How To Enrol For The Courses:

  1. Click the course you want to enrol for from the list below
  2. It will open to the tweet that gives you context about the course.
  3. Click on the course link in the tweet (or tweet thread) to go to the course page where you can enrol with your approved account on the dPU website for FREE.
  4. Kindly remember to Reshare (Retweet), Like and comment on the course post (tweet) for more people to discover the course and the Bootcamp web3 earning opportunities.


Please do remember that you are expected to be tweeting your daily course lesson progress on X (Twitter) using the official BootCamp hashtag ( #dPUFreeWeb3Bootcamp ) for a retweet from the community. This could also open up employment offers and freelance gigs for you easily in Web3 because you are learning and building in the public.