Welcome To dProgrammingUniverity

What Is dProgramming University?

It is a platform born out of my desire to help provide helpful answers to, programming and coding-related frequently asked questions by beginners, intermediate and pro programmers, web designers, web developers, frontend developers and backend developers worldwide.

But it has evolved over time to align with my mission:

To Mint At least 1Million People (Web3 Developers/Users) For FREE Between 2021 to 2031

As Web3 Goes Mainstream

And Web3 Programming Becomes A Gold Rush Like Web2 Programming!

Thus, this is the right non-academic-degree digital web3 programming University.

All courses are available for free with free certification, free community forum support and even earn free crypto while learning Web3 Programming.

Solomon Foskaay


dPU Ecosystem of Growing Projects:

  1. 100 Days Free Web3 Development Curriculum: dPU web3 development courses platform
  2. ExploreSol: building a directory of 1,000+ dApps, tools, contents etc. in the Solana ecosystem with dPUT earning opportunities for contributors