What Is dPUT Cryptocurrency?

dPUT is the official utility cryptocurrency used to reward different activities on dProgrammingUniversity.com digital campus (projects and dApps).


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Name: dProgrammingUniversity Token

Ticker: dPUT

Crypto: ERC20 Standard Token

Blockchain: Polygon (MATIC)

Maximum Supply:  100,000,000,000 (100Billion)

Mineable:  Yes – Auto-mine with Web3 Programming activities and minted thereafter directly to your Web3 Wallet like Metamask, Coinbase Wallet and more.

Pre-Mined:  100,000,000 (100Million dPUT Pre-mined). Others will be minted out as a reward by each student of dProgrammingUniversity activities until when the Max supply of tokens that will ever exist is minted in about 20-50years time.

Smart Contract Address:  ….

Opensource Codebase: Github repo at

Tradeable:  YES

Exchange:  Uniswap


20% for Founding Team

30% for Development/ Marketing/ Lecturer/ Hackathons/ Ambassador/ Airdrops/ Others

50% for Community mining rewards via campus activities like courses, exercises, forum posts/contributions and more.



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How To Mine dPUT:

dPUT is an eco-friendly utility crypto token on Polygon Blockchain, which means you can mine without the need for any specialized computer or equipment.

You auto-mine dPUT as you participate in different educational activities on dProgrammingUniversity platforms including taking Free Web3 Programming courses, Participating or helping newbies answer programming questions in the community forum, sharing the platform on social media and get rewarded for everyone who follows your link and register as a member for free. And a lot more!

Below are some of the activities you can get involved in on this platform to mine dPUT for free.

Instance Amount Limit
dPUT for becoming a member 500 dPUT -
dPUT for being a member for a year 1,000 dPUT -
dPUT for logging in 5 dPUT Maximum once per day
dPUT for site visit 5 dPUT -
dPUT for viewing a post 1 dPUT Maximum 10 times per day
dPUT for viewing a page 1 dPUT Maximum 10 times per day
dPUT for referring a visitor 5 dPUT No limit
dPUT for referring a new member 500 dPUT No limit
dPUT for true answer 10 dPUT -


How To Withdraw Mined dPUT: