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Legal and Compliance

dPUT is a utility token, not a financial instrument. It does not represent money, shares, or any form of financial asset. It is designed solely for utility within the dProgramming University ecosystem. Holding dPUT does not entitle holders to dividends, profits, or any returns. Acquiring dPUT must be in compliance with the legal standards of your jurisdiction.


dProgramming University is pioneering the integration of blockchain technology into education, specifically web3 development. Our mission is to onboard at least one million people (web3 developers and users) into the crypto ecosystem by 2031.

Our platform offers comprehensive, free educational resources and is currently empowering over 500 students with knowledge in web3 development.

Token Overview

Token Ticker: dPUT
Max Supply: 1 Billion tokens


dPUT is created through a fair and transparent mechanism via the pump.fun token launchpad,

where 100% of the tokens were minted with control immediately revoked.

This setup ensures no pre-allocation to the developers or the team,

fostering a trust-based community where even the team members must purchase tokens on the open market including the ones to redistribute back to the community as rewards for community participation as deemed fit by the team.

Approximately 20%+ of the total supply has been purchased by the team to sustain and bolster the rewards system within the dProgramming University ecosystem.


Name: dProgrammingUniversity Token

Ticker: dPUT

Crypto: SPL Token

Blockchain: Solana

Maximum Supply:ย  1,000,000,000(1Billion)dPUT

Creation: https://solscan.io/tx/3yjVtFDygLHoSVGD87YKUY4tkPmq4iATZXLXn6P9GvvWgccduSTyCUZjX6Moo86PTPxXKa2jAzsm68kMr8AsAC1Q

Smart Contract Address:ย  https://solscan.io/token/G4XykFMwLHXF9QQZwJV7vcpYNPGmFoq99X1mdbwhHqEF

Tradeable:  YES

Exchange:ย  Pump.fun – https://pump.fun/G4XykFMwLHXF9QQZwJV7vcpYNPGmFoq99X1mdbwhHqEF

Later when hit the curve it will be listed on Raydium


0% for the Founding Team

0% for Development/ Marketing/ Lecturer/ Hackathons/ Ambassador/ Airdrops/ Others

0% for Community mining rewards via campus activities like courses, exercises, forum posts/contributions and more.

That was what๐Ÿ˜ the fair launching tokenomics was like, and then the team had to buy back some on Pump.fun to enable the following distribution:

10% for the Founding Team – done!

20% for Development/ Marketing/ Lecturer/ Hackathons/ Ambassador/ Airdrops/ Others** – In-progress!

**Others include but are not limited to Community mining rewards via campus activities, student grants, dPU ecosystem projects rewards (like ExploreSol contributors) and more.

This means 30% buyback and 70% open to the community

NOTE: The buyback will be continuous and could exceed 30% at times to ensure we always have enough dPUT to reward dPU community contributors at different levels and stages now and anytime in the future.

Track Buybuy Wallet Holdings Here:

This ensured FUDsters would not accuse the developer/team of having a large percentage to dump or rug pull.

Nope, the purpose of dPUT is to serve purely as a reward utility token for the dPU community not created for the purpose of trading, investment, money, currency, shares or dividends – ๐Ÿ’ฏNO.

So, the team acquiring as much as possible after the fair launching is the best strategy to ensure we never run out of dPU to keep rewarding dPU communities and partnering platform communities now and in the future.


dPUT Utilities

dPUT serves as a utility token within the dProgramming University ecosystem, enabling:

  1. Student Incentives: Tokens are used to reward students for their achievements and participation in various educational activities.
  2. Development Grants: Providing grants to students to develop projects within the web3 space, promoting practical experience.
  3. Community Projects: Rewarding contributors who enhance and maintain dPU ecosystem projects such as the ‘Explore Solana‘ directory where we are putting together 1,000+ Solana dApps, tools and contents with an opportunity to earn dPUT for adding new listings to keep the directory fresh daily.

Ecosystem Overview

  1. dProgramming University: Our core platform offers free, high-quality education in web3 development.
  2. Explore Solana: A user-contributed directory where individuals can explore and add listings of over 1,000 dApps and tools on Solana, earning dPUT for their contributions.
  3. Adverts: As the ecosystem project grows like ExploreSol grows, ads will be introduced that will only be accessible using dPUT or dPUT holders are greatly discounted to run ads across the ecosystem platforms.
  4. Future Projects: We are committed to expanding our ecosystem with innovative projects that will further support the Solana network and its participants.

Legal and Compliance

dPUT is a utility token, not a financial instrument. It does not represent money, shares, or any form of financial asset. It is designed solely for utility within the dProgramming University ecosystem. Holding dPUT does not entitle holders to dividends, profits, or any returns. Acquiring dPUT must be in compliance with the legal standards of your jurisdiction.

Social & Community Discussion/Supports

For further details and to engage with our community, visit

Discord: dProgramming University Official Discord Server
Note: There is a dedicated category with channels like discussion, GM, Support etc for (dPUT holders only) within the dPU official discord server above. So, if you are one, then simply claim the “dPUT Enjoyoor” role to access it.

Once you no longer have a dPUT in your wallet, you will be auto-removed as there is a setup that auto-checks your wallet to ensure you are still a dPUT holder or not.

Note: dPUT Enjoyoor Discord role requires at least a minimum of 15,000,000(15MilliondPUT) to be in your wallet to gain access. You are not paying, you just need to hold at least that amount in your wallet to access the private dPU Enjoyoor channels.

How To Get The dPUT Enjoyoor Discord Role?

In dPU Discord server, Click on the #CollabLand-join challenge to claim the role free.

Twitter: @SolomonFoskaay , @ExploreSolXyz

Telegram: dPUT official Telegram Channel/Group Not Available – Please don’t join any Telegram others may post on social media or pump.fun, if am making any TG official, you will see it added here.

So, joining any TG link outside here you are on your own. For now, discussion is on Discord mentioned and linked above.

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dProgramming University is not just an educational platform but a movement to empower a new generation of developers and enthusiasts within the blockchain space.

By participating in our ecosystem, you are part of a pioneering educational journey, contributing to and benefiting from the blockchain community’s growth.