How To Withdraw Mined dPUT:

Follow the Details below to Withdraw your mined dPUT to your Web3 Wallet like Metamask:

Minimum Withdrawal Amount:

1,000,000dPUT (1Million dPUT)

When Withdraw Processed:

Once per month (28th of every month if you meet up the withdrawal threshold above). We process and make withdrawal available a week after (that is the first week of the following month). Then, you can withdraw directly to your Web3 wallet like Metamask.

This ensures we go through withdrawal requests to weed out spammers/cheaters trying to game the system with self-referral and more.

Qualified Withdrawal:

Use the Withdrawal Request Below

Note: Any amount you sent less than the specified amount above will not be processed and not also refunded – it is lost forever without compensation. So, abide by the withdrawal minimum).

To prevent loss of your dPut crypto withdrawal under the threshold above, the withdrawal has been hardcoded to remain hidden until your dPut mined earned crypto balance reaches at least the minimum threshold stated above.

Your Unredeemed dPUT Balance: ******Balance Hidden – Please login to view your earned dPUT balance

Total Value: ******Balance Hidden – Please login to view your earned dPUT balance USDT($) Value

NOTE: The conversion rate used above is fixed based on the initial launched price of dPUT when first listed on the first exchange at a rate of $0.0001 per 1dPUT. This means the current actual $(USDT) value could be worth more or less on the actual exchange now.