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[Solved] What Are The Differences Between Layer 1 and Layer 2 Blockchain

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i. Watch the above lesson video and also read through the recommended resources. Then, answer the following questions

ii. What Are The Differences Between Layer 1 and Layer 2 Blockchain?

iii. Summarize in your own word in this forum below:
(NOTE: please, don't just copy-paste from other students - instead answer in your own word based on your level of understanding the lesson and resources)





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What Are The Differences Between Layer 1 and Layer 2 Blockchain Explained:

i- Layer 1 Blockchain refers to the main Blockchain for example Ethereum Blockchain, Bitcoin Blockchain, Solana Blockchain, Polkadot Blockchain etc.


ii- Layer 2 Blockchain are built on top of the Layer 1 Blockchain security infrastructure usually to help scale the number of transactions that can be handled by Layer 1 Blockchain
and also comes with other benefits like cheaper transaction fees and dedicated


iii- Example of Layer 2 Blockchains For Ethereum Blockchain are Metis, Polygon etc



iv- Layer 2 Blockchain also makes it possible to have dedicated chains for specific use cases beyond general use-cases focus by their Layer 1 Blockchain
     - like Immutable X layer 2 Blockchain on Ethereum dedicated to NFTs


The differences between layer one Blockchain and layer two Blockchain include the following;

1) Layer 1 is the native Blockchain in which layer 2 is built on top

2) Layer 1 Blockchain has what we called Miners or Validators which act as security watchers of the Blockchain and those participating are rewarded with the native token why layer 2 has no such arrangements

3) Layer 2 are meant to solve specific problem of layer 1 eg scalability, gas fee security etc

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