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How Does Bitcoin Blockchain Work Explained By Blockchain Developer

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How Does Bitcoin Blockchain Work Answered Step by Step Guide


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(1) What Is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency to ever exist in 2009 by an anonymous developer Satosi Nakamoto.


(2) What Is Bitcoin Blockchain?

Bitcoin Blockchain is the first Blockchain on which Bitcoin is mined, stored and transacted.


(3) What Is Cryptography?

Cryptography is the processes of hashing a content to encrypt from normal human meaningful format using cryptographic hash functions.


(4) How Is Bitcoin Blockchain Secured?

Bitcoin Blockchain is secured and practically unbreakable due to the use of a one way hash function known as SHA256 which can only give output but the output can not practically be used to decode the original input. Making the content secured.

Just like it is practically impossible to regain raw fruits as a whole after it has been blended together into a juice.



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