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How To Access Unlimited Winning BLOCKCHAIN HACKATHON IDEAS FREE + $400K Moralis EthGlobal Hackathon

In this post I will give detailed answer to How To Access Unlimited Winning BLOCKCHAIN HACKATHON IDEAS FREE .


How To Access Unlimited Winning BLOCKCHAIN HACKATHON IDEAS FREE Answered Step by Step Guide


SECTION A: Text-Based Answer

I have a full video covering detailed answer to this in section B and the content of the video is outlined in text format to help understand the video better below:


(1) What Blockchain Hackathon?

Blockchain Hackathon is an event usually organized by Blockchain companies and projects for developers to build using their platform in exchange for wining cash rewards, sponsorship, investment funds and lot more.


(2) Benefits Blockchain Hackathon?

Participating in Blockchain Hackathons has a lot of benefits for you as a developer and some of it are:

1- Sharpen your knowledge as blockchain developer
2- Challenge Knowledge
3- Pays to learn
4- Birth of Multi-billion dApp Ideas from You
5- Open you up to Sponsorship deals from
6- Project partner or co-founder


(3) Blockchain Hackathon Ideas

As promise in this article title, am going to reveal to you not specific dApp ideas to build but show you secret tested and proven path to take to uncover unlimited ideas to participate and win any Blockchain Hackathon.

1- What is the platforms unique selling point
2- Who are their competitors?
3- What is hot on their competitors platform like hot dApp ideas on existing Ethereum etc Blockchains
4- Model your ideas after such and make it simple as possible – hackathon don’t give you much time to build complicated things
5- What are users craving for in Blockchain world as a whole that you can build fast for the hackathon
6- What Is hot in Crypto at the time of the hackathon e.g NFTs, DeFi is hot now
7- Web2 Hot Apps turn to dApp
8- Past hackathon
9- What Blockchain is hot


(4) Tools To Use For Blockchain Hackathons?

Hackathons don’t give you enough time to build projects as they concentrate on Minimum Viable Product (MVP) not actually production ready dApps. Due to this, you need to develop simpler solutions and do that fast as you and your team can. In other to achieve this, there are some tools that could help you and have decide to add some for you below an explain them in the video. So, ensure you watch the video till end too.

– Open Source Library
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(5) $400k Moralis EthGlobal Hackathons?

Some Blockchain hackathon you can checkout. Make sure you subscribe to our channel to get alert of future hackathons.

ETHOnline Hackathon Sept 17th – Oct 15th 2021
Unicode Hackathon Oct 29 – Nov 10th 2021



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SECTION B: Video-Based Answer

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