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[Solved] NodeJs and NPM Setup With NVM

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How to setup and install NodeJs and NPM with NVM?

How To Switch NodeJs Version In CLI/Terminal With NVM?


i. What Is NodeJs and NPM?

ii. Summarize in your own word in this forum below:

(NOTE: please, don't just copy past from other student - instead answer in your own word base on your level of understanding the lesson and resources)





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NodeJS & NPM installation with NVM guide

- NodeJs is a javascript run-time environment which allows us to run Javascript from backend considering javaScript is actual built to run in frontend via browser only but with nodejs, it can now run also in the backend.

This makes it much secure to use for projects which requires things like private keys
that must not be exposed in the browser frontend during execution.


- It uses same V8 Javascript engine in chrome browser to render the JavaScript.
(NPM bundled together once you install NodeJs)


- Install latest version of nodeJs with "nvm install node"
But since it will likely be higher than what we need for this course which is version 14.18.1,

then follow below instructions to install the neded version:


- "nvm install 14.18.1" install nodejs version 14.18.1 needed for this course


- After installation restart your Terminal,

run "nvm use 14.18.1" to force the nodeJS version
to make 14.18.1 active version which is what is needed for this course. 

You can use above command to switch between any installed NodeJs version anytime.


- "nvm current" to see current active nodejs version


- "nvm ls" to see full list of nodejs versions you have installed on your computer


- "nvm uninstall 11" to uninstall the specific nodejs version


When you install a package on any of the NodeJs version at global level
it may or may not migrate to another when you switch the NodeJs version with NVM

-See under Yarn (next video of the course)


the installation is same for MAC OS

Solomon Foskaay Solomon Foskaay Topic starter 25/02/2022 2:01 pm

@joshua noted. thanks