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[Solved] How To Add Web3 Wallet Login To Wordpress With Unlock Protocol Wordpress Plugin

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i. Watch the above lesson video and also read through the recommended resources. Then, the answer following questions

ii. How To Add Web3 Wallet Login To Wordpress With Unlock Protocol Wordpress Plugin? Share your experience setting this up

iii. Summarize in your own word in this forum below:
(NOTE: please, don't just copy-paste from other students - instead answer in your own word based on your level of understanding the lesson and resources)





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How To Add Web3 Wallet Login To Wordpress With Unlock Protocol Wordpress Plugin Explained:

STEP 1: Setup and Activate Unlock WP Plugin

i- Login to dashboard

ii- Install Unlock Wordpress Plugin

iii- Activate it and it auto add the web3 wallet login feature to the wp-login page for your wordpress website

iv: Customize the text to something like "Click Me To Connect Your Wallet"


STEP 2: Setup A Custom Login Page With Lock

i- Install & Activate Pretty Links plugin

ii- Create a page with login where users will be able to login with their crypto wallet using your lock (watch the lesson video of this course to understand better) and avoid the app id expiring

iii- Create a "Connect-Wallet" in pretty links to redirect to the custom login page (advantage is that your this could be adjusted in future)


STEP 3: Customize Wallet Login With Fix Nav Bar

i- Install and activate WPFront Notification Bar plugin

ii- Create a text content for user to click to connect wallet like sample below:

<p style="text-align: center;"><span style="color: #ff0000;"><b><a style="color: #ff0000;" href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">CONNECT WALLET TO ACCESS COURSES FREE &amp; EARN FREE CRYPTO WHILE LEARNING</a> </b></span></p>

iii- Set the Button and on-click action

iv- Set to display when user not logged in

v- Set to hide after user logs in


STEP 4: Enforce User Only Create Account/Login On Your Wordpress Website Via Web3 Crypto Wallet

i- Install and activate ARMember plugin

ii- Go to setting

iii- Activate option to hide Register on Wp-login page

iv- OPTIONAL: Activate options to hide wp-login page