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dProgrammingUniversity Web3 Educational Partnership & Grant Proposal

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Solomon Foskaay
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Dear Prospective Partners/Sponsors,


To encourage adoption and integration of your web3 platform and protocol, there is a need to have video-based step by step guides to simplify how beginners and pro web3 programmers can easily understand your project integration with their project or clients projects which will in return increase your platform network effect and increase more adoption.


Thus, will you consider approving a grant for us to do a full course series on this platform (dProgrammingUniversity), where my team and I do release Web3 Programming video-based courses 100% Free+ certification.



Our Mission:

To Mint At Least 1 Million Web3 Developers on or by 2024 When Web3 Will Be Going Mainstream By Offering Them 100% FREE Web3 Programming Courses, Free Support Forum dedicated to each course lessons and Free Certification. 
On top of that to encourage more learning, we reward each course lesson activity with our Free Crypto token (dPUT) - which means students earn free crypto while learning.



Considering the fact that all above are offered FREE to encourage mass adoption of Web3 (the more Web3 builders we mint, the more users adopt Web3),


We therefore indeed need sponsors, partners and educational grants to continuously keep the platform 100% Free for all Web3 Developers.





(1) YourProjectName 101:

Beginner intro to all the amazing features of your project and future roadmaps for Web3 Programmers


 🖐️ Unlock Protocol 101 Course -  


👍 Hyperverse 101 Course -  



(2) YourProjectName 201:

An in-depth step by step sample integration of your web3 project with a sample dApp for Web3 Programmers


👍 Unlock Protocol 201 Course [Wordpress Integration] -  


🖐️ Hyperverse 201 Course -  



(3) Youtube Videos Playlist

2 YouTube videos to announce the launch of your platform course series on our channel for Web3 Programmers


🖐️Hyperverse Course Series Dedicated Playlist -  



(4) Dedicated Support Forum For Your Project Course

Yeah! your course gets a dedicated Forum where we provide support to the student taking them (each course lesson videos have a support discussion forum under the main web3 developers' forum)


Sample Dedicated Support forum to answer students questions about your web3 platform course series

👍 Free Support Forum Dedicated To Unlock Protocol Course -  


🖐️ Free Support Forum Dedicated To Hyperverse Course -  



(5) Official Partners/Sponsors List

Your project will be added To the public Official Partners List on our website and any other places we showcase our partners



(6) 1Year Community Updates For Your Project

You also get 12 Youtube Video Updates in our Web3 Developers Updates Series on Youtube (That is at least 1video per month dedicated to posting updates about "Your Project Latest Updates, Features and News" for 12Months (1Year) for our Web3 Developers community on Youtube)


👍 Free Sample Youtube Video Updates in our Web3 Developers Updates Series -  



(7) Email Newsletter Community Updates For Your Project

Your project course series also gets an Email Newsletter sent to our Web3 devs community per course launched.



(8) Reach Is Uncapped

Due to the platform continuous growth with Web3 developers, new students will keep discovering your project courses as part of essential web3 courses to enrol in for free.

This means the more the platform grows with new web3 devs, the more exposure your project get in the web3 programmers' space, which will eventually translate to more adoption for your platform and web3 as a whole.




Considering the fact that we are relatively new and just growing our community too, we don't have a fixed minimum you can approve for as a grant yet which makes it more flexible for your project to take advantage of as that will eventually change when we hit our first 10,000 active web3 programming students in some months time (marketing effort underway to make this a reality).
Also, we still accept grants in your own project native token as well if your platform has one, as long as it is tradeable on an easily accessible decentralized exchange like Uniswap.





So, will your platform consider offering educational grants to support the above and how to apply?

IMPORTANT WARNING ALERT: Please, beware of scammers, pretending to be our representative. You can only email us or get mail response from our official email "" (always crosscheck that mail and ensure its from it and not altered versions by bad players)







FOUNDER, dProgrammingUniversity

Twitter/LinkedIn/Facebook: Solomon Foskaay


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Solomon Foskaay
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Each dProgrammingUniversity course is a combination of 4 things:

(1) Video -

Each lesson has a video making it easier to consume beyond just text


(2) Interactive Section -

This contains recommended materials to read in support of the lesson video (most of these are picked from your official documentation to ensure students get familiar with it and also read more beyond the lesson video directly from your team)


(3) Exercise -

Each lesson has exercise questions to engage the students.

They need to answer it in the dedicated lesson forum below and to encourage more participation, each exercise done earn the student free crypto.


(4) Forum -

Each lesson has its own dedicated discussion board under the overall Unlock Protocol Forum for students to answer the exercise question of the video.



The forum also serves purpose of allowing students to post questions and get support from our dProgrammingUniversity team directly (And your team can also register and provide help at times when my team can't handle such)


To encourage more participation,

students get to earn our token (dPUT) per each activity and exercise answer posted on the forum