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Solana ChatGPT Plugin Ep1: Deep Dive Into Solana Labs ChatGPT Plugin

1.0 Introduction🧩

1.1 Overview Of Guide/Tutorial’s Goal

Interact with Solana Blockchain data within ChatGPT

In this guide, I will be taking you through the newly introduced ChatGPT plugin by Solana Labs and how it makes it easier for anyone to interact with Solana Blockchain right inside ChatGPT itself.

No need for third-party tools.

Just text-based prompt and viola, GPT does the magic.

1.2 Target Audience

Developers/Non-Developer, Blockchain Enthusiasts, AI Enthusiasts

1.3 Stuck? Get Support

I understand based on experience with developers that things can always break or get difficult to figure out, especially for beginners.

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2.0 Introduction to Solana Labs ChatGPT Plugin🤔

2.1 What is the Solana Labs ChatGPT Plugin Explained

Solana Labs is the name of the official Solana ChatGPT plugin recently introduced by the Solana Labs team whose main aim is to make it easier for people to explore Solana Blockchain data right inside ChatGPT.

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2.2 Key Features and Functionalities of Solana Labs ChatGPT Plugin👍

Let us examine some key features of the Solana Labs ChatGPT plugin below:

  1. Real-Time Blockchain Interaction
  2. User-friendly interface
  3. Check Account balance
  4. Find NFT
  5. Interpret Solana transaction
  6. Inspect a wallet activities
  7. Interpret Solana account data

1. Real-Time Blockchain Interaction

My first experience with the plugin blew my mind because it literally gives details that are real-time on-chain data.

It is not just pre-stored data but connecting directly to Solana Blockchain data is interesting to experience.

2. User-Friendly Interface

Considering this is Solana in a ChatGPT plugin, there is no need to interact with a lot of platforms to access information needed from Solana Blockchain.

Being within ChatGPT also increases the chances of even non-web3 inclined users giving it a try and thereby sticking and getting onboarded to Web3.

3. Check Account Balance

With this plugin, you can now easily check the balance of any Solana wallet.

Yeah, I mean directly within ChatGPT

No need to even use Blockchain Explorer 😘

4. Find NFT

Thinking NFT is mainstream?

Wait till you can now find NFT held by a wallet in ChatGPT with the help of the Solana Labs ChatGPT plugin.

5. Interprete Solana Transactions

You can easily use the plugin to make ChatGPT simplify what actually is the state of a Blockchain transaction based on the ID.

6. Inspect A Wallet Activities

The ChatGPT plugin for Solana Blockchain also allows users to see past transactions done by a wallet with ease.

Yeah, you don’t need countless hours sieving through and with the help of ChatGPT, you can go right to the transactions of interest.

7. Interprete Solana Account Data

Technically this will take writing either Rust or Solang Solidity program on Solana to interact with the account of the on-chain program.

Or you use Solana Explorers.

But, with this plugin, it is now a breeze to have ChatGPT help easily identify if this is an executable or non-executable account, who owns it, what it does and a lot more.

2.3 The Technology Behind the Solana Labs ChatGPT Plugin

Considering my content focuses more on developers, I know you are here and want to know how this was built.

No problem, because the Solana Labs team made it easier to understand how it was built including the API used by opensourcing the sample implementation.

So, if that is your thing.

Kindly head straight to the Solana Labs ChatGPT Plugin repo here.

3.0 Setting Up Solana Labs ChatGPT Plugin🛠️

3.1 Prerequisites for Accessing Solana Labs ChatGPT Plugin

Before diving deeper into the installation process,

there are certain prerequisites you should be aware of:

  1. ChatGPT Account: Ensure you have an active ChatGPT account. If you do not have one, you can sign up here.
  2. Basic Understanding of Solana: While not mandatory, a basic understanding of Solana and its blockchain will enhance your experience. New to Solana? Get started with Solana official page here.
  3. ChatGPT Plus: It is essential to remind you that as of the time I publish this article, all ChatGPT plugins are only limited to ChatGPT premium user version known as “ChatGPT Plus” and cost $20/Month.

3.2 Installation Process for Solana Labs ChatGPT Plugin

The installation process is easy and quite straightforward.
Follow these steps to get the plugin up and running:

  1. Log in to ChatGPT: Open your web browser and log in to your ChatGPT account.
  2. Navigate to Plugins Store: On the dashboard, locate the “Plugins” section.
  3. Search for Solana Labs Plugin: Use the search bar to find the Solana Labs ChatGPT Plugin.
  4. Install Plugin: Click on the “Install” button next to the plugin name. A confirmation dialog will appear.
  5. Confirm Installation: Click “Yes” to confirm. The plugin will now be installed and ready for use.
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3.3 Additional Resources

For those who are interested in diving deeper into the technical aspects, the Solana Labs team has provided comprehensive documentation.

You can access it here.

Feel free to join the dProgrammingUniversity Discord Server for any questions or support. I have created a dedicated channel #Solana to assist you.

4.0 Basic Usage of Solana Labs ChatGPT Plugin Within ChatGPT🫠

Now that you have the plugin installed, it is time to know how to use it.

4.1 How to Initiate Solana Labs ChatGPT Plugin Within a ChatGPT Session

After installation, some initial configuration is required to ensure ChatGPT have access to use the Solana Labs plugin when necessary during your chat conversation:

  1. Start New Chat: Initialize new chat.
  2. GPT-4: Select the GPT-4 model
  3. Set Plugins: Select the Plugins option
  4. Select Solana Labs Plugin: Once it opens the list of plugins select “Solana Labs” as part of the active plugin (currently you are limited to selecting 3 active plugins at a time – probably that might have increased when you are reading this).

And there you have it😀

You have successfully set up the Solana Labs ChatGPT Plugin.

You are now ready to explore the Solana blockchain right within ChatGPT, without the need for third-party tools or platforms.

Isn’t that cool and indeed more convenient?😉

4.2 Simple Examples of Prompts for Solana Labs ChatGPT Plugin

Here are some simple examples of prompts to use with the Solana Labs ChatGPT plugin.

NOTE: I copy-pasted for you below simple sample prompts according to the official release guide here:

In the next episode will explore advanced prompts with you that I personally discovered while fine-tuning the basic prompts.

1. Prompt to fetch account balance:

Example: "What is the balance of MY-WALLET-ADDRESS ?"

Returns the amount of Sol that the wallet address owns.

2. Prompt to find NFT for a wallet:

Example: "What NFTs does MY-WALLET-ADDRESS own?"

The plugin can list your NFTs and their metadata. If you have a lot of NFTs, you can ask it to list all of your NFTs 5 at a time.

3. Prompt to interpret Solana transaction

Example: "What happened in transaction TRANSACTION-ID ?"

Returns information about the transaction, and potentially human readable information about program instructions, if the programs have Anchor IDLs.

4. Prompt to search NFT collection by name or floor price on Solana

Example: "Can you find me the cheapest Mad Lads NFT for sale?"

NFTs are searched by name and sorted by floor price, you can ask the model to search explicitly by either target floor price name or by name. NFTs within a collection can also be sorted by floor price.

Note: If you cannot find your NFT Collection, please see if it exists on We use Hyperspace's API to support this plugin

5. Prompt to interpret Solana account

Example: "What data is in ACCOUNT-ADDRESS ?"

Returns data about the account, including the owner, the amount of Sol, and the potentially human-readable data stored in the account, if it's owner program has an Anchor IDL.

6. Prompt to calculate a Solana wallet value

Example: "What is the value of MY-ADDRESS ?"

Wallet value is calculated by estimating the value of all tokens and NFTs owned by the wallet. Please note that these values are in USD and are subject to change due to market fluctuations. Price estimates are provided by HelloMoon's API.

7. Inspect a Solana wallet activity

Example: “What are the latest transactions for WALLET-ADDRESS ?”

The plugin can help you go through wallet transactions and explore on-chain activity.

5.0 Advantages and Limitations of Solana ChatGPT Plugin🤪

5.1 Advantages of Solana Labs ChatGPT Plugin

The Solana Labs ChatGPT Plugin is not just another tool

it is a game-changer in how anyone can easily interact with the Solana blockchain.

Here are some of its interesting features worth checking out:

  1. User-Friendly Interface: The plugin is designed with user experience in mind, making it accessible even for those who are new to blockchain technology.
  2. Real-Time Interaction: Unlike traditional methods that may require refreshing web pages or executing multiple commands, this plugin offers real-time updates, enhancing user engagement.
  3. Security: Built with state-of-the-art encryption algorithms, the plugin ensures that your data and transactions remain confidential and secure.
  4. Versatility: Whether you are a developer, a blockchain enthusiast, or a complete beginner, the plugin has something to offer for everyone.
  5. Integration with ChatGPT: The seamless integration with ChatGPT allows for a more interactive and personalized experience, setting it apart from other blockchain interaction methods.
  6. Text-based prompts: You can interact with Solana Blockchain data with just text-based prompts, no coding is required

5.2 Limitations of Solana Labs ChatGPT Plugin

While the plugin offers numerous advantages

it is also essential for me to let you be aware of its limitations:

  1. Learning Curve: Despite its user-friendly interface, there is still a learning curve involved, especially for those who are new to Solana and blockchain technology.
  2. Dependency on ChatGPT: The plugin’s functionality is tied to ChatGPT, meaning if the ChatGPT service experiences downtime, the plugin will be affected as well.
  3. Limited Features: As of now, the plugin focuses on basic functionalities. Advanced features like smart contract interaction are not yet supported but are on the roadmap.
  4. ChatGPT Plus: The plugin itself is totally free to use but since ChatGPT only allows premium users access to their plugins. It will surely limit how the Solana Labs ChatGPT Plugin will be massively adopted by non-ChatGPT Plus users worldwide.

5.3 Future Developments

The Solana Labs ChatGPT Plugin is a work in progress, and the development team has an exciting roadmap ahead😘:

  1. Smart Contract Interaction: Future updates will aim to include smart contract functionalities, opening up new avenues for users. Can’t wait to have this available in the plugin and you?
  2. Multi-Language Support: making the plugin accessible to a global audience.
  3. Enhanced Security Measures: With the growing concerns about cybersecurity, future versions will likely include additional layers of security.
  4. Multi-functional capabilities: Beyond just queries and transactions, the plugin’s future versions will also likely offer functionalities like token swaps and even DeFi operations👍.

6.0 Video Walkthrough: Solana Labs ChatGPT Plugin in Action 📹

In order to make it much easier to follow this guide, here is a walkthrough video for you showing me setting up the Solana Labs ChatGPT plugin

And using it as a ChatGPT conversation to easily access Solana Blockchain data using simple text-based prompts within ChatGPT.


As I mentioned earlier, this will be a series of guides exploring Solana and AI integrations via ChatGPT

and in the next episode 2, I will be unveiling advanced prompts you can use to maximize the Solana Labs ChatGPT plugin.


I aim to continue to create helpful Web3 content like this and share it in future guides with you.

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Thanks for your time, it’s been a wonderful ride with you all this while.


Founder, dProgramming University (dPU).

Twitter: SolomonFoskaay

See you in the next series.


ChatGPT Solana Labs Plugin (Official Docs)

ChatGPT Solana Labs Plugin (Official Repo)

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