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What Is Web3 EXPLAINED For Beginners By Web3 Developer

In this post I will be discussing in-depth about everything you need to know about What Is Web3.


What Is Web3 Answered Step by Step Guide


SECTION A: Text-Based Answer

I have a full video covering detailed answer to this in section B and the content of the video is outlined in text format to help understand the video better below:

(1) History Of Web

The Web was Invented By Tim Berners-Lee (English Computer Scientist) on 12th March 1989 at CERN
(CERN is acroynms for European Organization for Nuclear Research)


(2) What Is Web1? (1989-2004)

1- Only adopted 6years after at 1995

2- Notable Tech Firms Founded
– Yahoo Jan 1994
– Amazon July 1994
– Google September 4, 1998


(3) What Is Web2? (2005-2009)

1- Took 10years to have Web2.0 as we have it today in 2021

2- Notable Tech Firms Founded
i- Facebook February 2004
ii- Youtube March 2006
iii- Twitter March 2006
iv- Whatsapp 2009
v- Instagram 2010


(4) What Is Web3? (2009-Till future)

1- Invented by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009 on Decentralized Tech called BLOCKCHAIN

2- Only adopted 7years after in 2015 with birth of Ethereum
By 21 year old Vitalik Buterin First Smart Contract Blockchain

3- It will likely take us another 10years to have Web3 officially adoption/take over

4- Notable Tech Firms Founded
i- Coinbase June 20, 2012
ii- Binance 2017 by Cz
iii- Moralis founded Early 2021 by Ivan Lijeqvist (Ivan On Tech) and Filip MartinssonIvan in Stockholm Sweden


(5) Why You Need To Pivot To Invest, Participate in Firms That Will Become Pillar of Web3?

1- Also As Programmer – You need To Pivot To Web3 Programming as a Developer?

2- Check My 2 Hours Long roadmap video on How To Become Blockchain/Web3 Developer FAST



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SECTION B: Video-Based Answer

Watch me answering your question “What Is Web3 EXPLAINED For Beginners” in a video step by step:


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