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pCloud – Military Grade Encryption For Everyone

About a few weeks ago, I was providing support as a developer when one of the requests I got was a video, that wasn’t surprising but for the host used to share such huge and long-form video.

Usually, would have expected it to be hosted on Youtube and shared with me, but then I noticed it was hosted on a platform called pCloud. I, immediately begin to dig deeper into it to know which platform offers such huge space for video content.

Amazingly, I soon discover some interesting things that I will be sharing with you in this post today but before I jump into that, I quickly realized that the platform is cloud storage similar to Google Drive, AWS, One Drive and more.

This, means, it allows to host beyond just video but any file of choice in the cloud. Amazingly, I got a partnership deal from them and can’t just wait to share my unbiased experience of pCloud with you in this article today.


What Is pCloud?

pCloud is a cloud storage platform where you can save your files securely in the cloud. Files like videos, images, documents and a lot more can be stored securely there. Just like you would do with Google Drive and more.


pCloud homepage  images-dprogramminguniversity


Some of the features of pCloud include but not limited to:

(I) Password protect shared link to limit access

(ii) File versioning

(iii) Rewind account to recover lost files

(iv) Track shared links stats with ease

(v) Extend your computer’s Hard Disk Drive storage capacity with cloud storage with help of pCloud drive features

There are about 3 main things that made this platform stand out to me compared to my previous cloud experiences and I will pick them one by one for you below.



pCloud Lifetime Plans

Yeah, you heard that right, pCloud offers one of the cheapest lifetime plans have seen so far in the cloud storage industry. What this means is that you will never have to worry about losing your files due to the inability to renew your Cloud storage subscription anymore.

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You can ditch your monthly cloud storage subscriptions, pay once and enjoy uninterrupted secure cloud storage for a lifetime. Cool right?
Interested in checking this out, then a quick visit to the pCloud lifetime pricing page here will amaze you just as I did.




pCloud Crypto Military Encryption

This is another feature that interests me from pCloud.

Imagine enjoying a military-grade level of encryption for your sensitive files clearly separated from other non-sensitive files and folders to ensure you have the max security and confidentiality your private files deserve.


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Check out the pCloud Crypto Military Encryption plans here to start enjoying privacy for your sensitive files.



How Secure Is pCloud Crypto?

That was the first question that comes to mind when a platform comes out to boast of being so secured based on previous experiences.

Then, I came across this piece of content you can check out here about the pCloud Encryption Challenge


pCloud Encryptotion challenge  images-dprogramminguniversity


The summary of the challenge was over 2,500 hackers attempted to crush pCloud crypto encryption boast for about 6 months but non was able to penetrate successfully even though pCloud offered about $100,000 cash reward for any hacker that could succeed during the pCloud Encryption Challenge.

And the second stage seems out for now.

All the above is a testament to the fact that pCloud is worth a checkout by any cloud storage user.

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